1. No alcohol or drug use at any time. No foul language, insulting behavior or slurs will be tolerated.
  2. No weapons, knives, wire or rope are allowed on the field, and no traps, mines or trip-wires are allowed.
  3. No tools to adjust markers are allowed on the field.
  4. No physical contact of any kind.
  5. Use only field paint; off-premise paint hits will not count your opponent as out.
  6. Play the field as is - no modifications or vandalizing the field, props or personal equipment. Do not climb on bunkers, trees or any structure 4 feet or higher.
  7. GOGGLES ON AT ALL TIMES DURING PLAY! (Except within designated deadboxes).
  8. Players must have a Barrel Blocking Device (BBD) on their marker when not in the field of play. This includes while in deadboxes, around the Barn or in the campground, or while in any other public area of or around the field. You cannot bring a marker into a deadbox without a BBD.
  9. While playing, be mindful of potential hazards on the field: steep bluffs and hills around the creek bed, pieces of old wire fences, stumps or any other possibly hazardous obstruction. Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of fluids and carry water with you onto the field.
  10. You may only fire your maker (this includes dry firing) at the chronograph or on the field, period. Do not fire, or dry fire, your marker in your deadbox, near the Barn or in the campground, or any other public area!
  11. All players will observe the chrono limits (285 fps maximum), and will allow Refs to spot check them on the field if the Ref requests it.
  12. Semi-auto, 3-round-burst, response triggers, ramping and full auto are allowed. Players will be mindful of close shooting (within 20 feet) and overshooting. There shall be NO BLIND FIRING. Do not shoot an opponent at point-blank range, and do not shoot an opponent more than is necessary to get a hit / break.
  13. A player can ask you to surrender at close range, rather than shoot you. Itís up to you if you choose to accept the surrender or try to shoot your way out. Be ready, and be careful!
  14. All players will remain in bounds at all times: on the appropriate side of the gray cable, on the South side of the crop field, and on the correct side of the creek. Please see the field description for boundary lines.


  1. Any hit that breaks and leaves a mark the size of a quarter or larger counts as a hit. Exception: Any hit on a player wearing a ghillie suit (break or bounce) is considered a hit.
  2. Any amount of paint hitting a player from a grenade or mine counts as a hit. The player is out.
  3. What to do when hit/tagged: Call out "HIT!" or "OUT!" in a loud, clear voice. Place your BBD on your barrel. Raise your marker over your head and move out of the engagement. Walk, don't run, to your designated deadbox. Do not say anything other than "HIT" or "OUT" on your way to the deadbox. If you are out, you are not to spread intel about the enemy's position.
  4. Any time a player calls "HIT!" or "OUT!", they are out. This is regardless of whether the paintball broke or not. Go to the deadbox.
  5. Barrel tags and surrenders will be honored and enforced. If you are tagged with a barrel or surrender, accept it and quietly head to the deadbox. A barrel tag or surrender is the only time you are not required to call out "HIT" in a loud voice, as the whole point of barrel tagging someone or making them surrender is that the agressor was stealthy enough to get close without being detected. This maneuvering deserves respect. Besides, dead men don't talk.
  6. During the game if you are hit and not sure if the ball broke, call for a paint check by a ref. There may not be a ref right next to you, so if a teammate is, ask him/her if your hit. If you are hit, then do the honest thing and call yourself out.
  7. If you hear someone on the opposing side call a paint check, DO NOT ADVANCE on them while the ref is checking them out. This constitutes a foul, and the ref will call YOU out.
  8. Reinsertions will be guided by the deadbox Refs and will occur at designated times during play.
  9. If a player leaves the field to resupply or enters a deadbox, they are out as if hit. They must await the next reinsertion time before they can return to play.
  10. A player caught wiping or cheating will be called out as if hit, and may be asked to leave the event.
  11. The Ref has the final say, and players will honor that.